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Walking with Giants

Little did we think in 2012 when the Eco-Choice ecolabel was launched that we would one day be welcomed into the global ecolabel movement as a member of the Global Ecolabel Network (GEN). Yet today, here we are - an Associate member of this prestigious body of Type 1 ecolabels from around the world.

And what makes this even more significant - and rewarding for us, is that Eco-Choice Africa has achieved this milestone in spite of the many hurdles that we have had to face. Over the years, Eco-Choice has simply been brushed-off as an unimportant part of doing business in southern Africa by companies and organisations that should have known better. Now, for the first time in the manufacturing and consumer history of this country, South Africa - and indeed southern Africa, has a world-class ecolabel that holds its own with the likes of the Blue Angel (German) EU Flower (EU), The Swan (Nordic Countries) and labels from Japan to the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

Now, it will take vision and commitment by local manufacturers, retailers and indeed, consumers to ensure that Eco-Choice becomes the label of choice in this country. There is no longer any excuse for manufacturers and retailers to make use of international ecolabels - often at the risk to our environment and consumers, when they have a home-grown, internationally competitive and globally recognised label right here on their doorstep.

The true test will now be to see how many companies embrace this achievement and how consumers in southern Africa join the fight to eliminate greenwashing and patently harmful environmental and personal practices by manufacturers and retailers.

We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to moving to the next step - full membership, in the coming year. Join us on this journey and help make southern Africa the most environmentally responsible source market for consumer products.

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