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A Global Threat

What started as an outbreak of an unknown sickness in a little known city in China has become a global pandemic in little over sixty days.

COVID-19 was at first treated as a simple flu, but as the virus took hold - and scientists and medical experts began identifying the potential risk this posed to everyone that had contracted it, panic set in as people around the world predicted the worst. Not since the advent of AIDS and Avian Flu has so much misinformation been spread about a global pandemic, and it seems that even in spite of the seriousness that COVID 19 poses to mankind, there are those that just cant resist making a quick 'buck'.

In spite of the potential that COVID 19 brings, some manufacturers and retailers in certain countries are promoting their products and services as being capable of beating the virus. Not only is this the worst example of greenwashing I can think of, but claims of this kind will undoubtedly result in the deaths of unsuspecting consumers. Let's face it, COVID 19 is a virus, not a bacterial problem, and while there are hundreds of anti-bacterial cleaners and products on the market which could minimise your risk to getting the virus, they cannot and do not kill this viral threat.

Science has shown that the only way to neutralise a virus is through the development, testing and application of vaccines, and as we all know, this is still a way-away in respect of this particular virus. Yes, taking sensible and responsible decisions and care of yourself and those around you will help minimise your chances of contracting the virus, but consumers must know that not even ecolabelled cleaners and disinfectants will cure COVID 19.

Greenwashing can happen at any time, but only the truly evil will use a global pandemic to misinform the public. This is where the ecolabelling industry needs to step-up and dispel myths and rumour about consumer products, and we hope this becomes a global effort.

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