Our Certification Standards


ECA has a number of existing certification standards for products that meet internationally recognised environmental performance levels. The following list reflects those standards that are currently available, and those which are in the process of being harmonised to local conditions.


Please Note

It is important to note that ECA is not a standards setting organisation, and all standards used in ECA’s certification and Ecolabelling programme are adopted and adapted from internationally respected Ecolabelling programmes affiliated to the Global Ecolabelling Network.


Appropriate or recognised local (South African) standards, laws, regulations, authorities or structures have been incorporated to ensure relevance and applicability of the standard being used. Where a national standard exceeds the ECA published standard, it will take precedence in all respects. This principle will be applied to any African country unless specifically prohibited by national law.


To download a copy of the standards associated with each of the products listed, simply 'click' on the standard number on the next page (Service Centre).  Should you require ecolabelling standard for any product not listed below, please send your request to the Programme Administrator using the Feedback/Comment form on this site.


Number                Description                                                                          Date of Issue                                      Version


ECA-C01-2012      Shampoos and Soaps                                                        July 2012                                              1.0

ECA-C02-2012      Personal Care Products                                                     July 2012                                              1.0


ECA-P01-2012      Laundry Detergents                                                           June 2012                                             1.0

ECA-P02-2012      Hand Dishwashing Detergents                                        July 2012                                               1.0

ECA-P03-2012      Cleaning Products                                                              June 2012                                              2.0

ECA-P05-2012      Biological Cleaning Products                                            July 2012                                               1.0

ECA-P06-2012      Disinfectants and Disinfectant Cleaners                        June 2012                                              1.0


ECA-PO7-2014     Internationally Ecolabelled Products                              July 2014                                               1.0

ECA-PO8-2014     Environmentally Innovative Products                            July 2014                                                1.0


ECA-F01-2012      Textiles                                                                                June 2012                                               1.0

ECA-F02-2012      Furnishings and Fittings                                                   July 2012                                                 1.0

ECA-FO3-2012     Architectural Paints and Coatings                                  December 2012                                     1.0 


 ECA-SO1-2010    Business Services                                                              July 2010                                                 1.0

 ECA-SO4-2010    Retail Services                                                                    July 2010                                                 1.0



                  Eco-Choice Africa reserves the right to amend, withdraw or revise any published standard in the interests of the                       Eco-Choice Ecolabel Programme, consumers or manufacturing processes without prior notification.  All applications for licencing will be subject to the latest version of a particular standard at the time of the application being made.

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