Promoting your Label


Just as with anything else that you manufacture, getting consumers to pick your product over your competitors requires clever and effective marketing or promotion.


Your Ecolabel is no different.  Once your product has been licenced and labelled, you are encouraged to promote this fact as widely as possible through media, advertising and promotional campaigns.  ENsure that you use the Eco-Choice logo on your website as well!


The Eco-Choice logo and licence number must be prominently displayed on each licenced product as part of your licence conditions, and we provide complimentary promotion through our on-line listings and directory.


Unless you talk about your status - and get your customers to understand and appreciate how this makes your product superior to conventional alternatives, your ecolabel will not work for you as well as it can.


Once you have been ecolabelled, you have joined the exclusive community of responsible and sustainable businesses.  Use your status effectively, and you will attract and retain new and existing clients, happy in the fact that you are helping them make a difference.



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