Stage 3: Getting Licensed




  1. If your audit results meet ECA’s certification standard, you will be issued with a Licence Agreement and an invoice for your Licensing Fee, based on your turnover declaration.


  2. Once this fee has been paid and the Licence Agreement has been returned signed, you         will be issued with a Licence Number and Certificate and detail of the rules and terms           associated with the ECA Ecolabel.  You will also receive a high resolution logo for                     inclusion on all licenced products and instructions and guidelines for the correct use             thereof.




  1. Your annual Licence Fee is prescribed according to the turnover of your licenced product or service. 

  2. Fees are calculated according to sales figures at the manufacturer’s gate for certified products for the year past or a minimum fee for products that have not yet been sold.

  3. This information must be declared on your Licence Renewal Form on an annual basis prior to the anniversary of your renewal date.

  4. The data provided on the Licence Renewal Form will determine your licensing fees for the coming year.


Important points to consider


  1. Your first year licence fee is payable prior to receiving your Licence Number and Certificate.

  2. Sales are to be provided ‘net’ (not including VAT)

  3. Your Licence fee is based on total annual sales per licenced product and is calculated in South African Rands.


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