Getting your products labelled.


Getting Certified


As Africa’s first ecolabeller and product certifier, ECA works with businesses to reward sustainability leadership. Our Ecolabel on your products will provide consumers and competitors with proof that they have been developed specifically to care for the environment.


But why ECA?


  • ECA’s mark provides you with a competitive edge for your products and services by assuring that they represent the most environmentally responsible alternative available.

  • ECA is Africa's only independent ecolabel available to the manufacturing sector

  • ECA provides consumers with an independent and trusted source of environmentally friendly products

  • The ECA Ecolabel is proof of your best practice as measured against internationally respected standards.

  • Each of the  standards adopted by ECA are in line with ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling and each is internationally recognised and respected in its source market and globally.

  • The ECA certification is trusted, transparent and internationally relevant.

  • ECA’s certification independently supports your company’s environmental performance statements and helps you avoid being labeled as ‘greenwashing’.
















What benefit is there to certification with ECA?


The ECA Ecolabel affords you:

  • Recognition for your efforts to become more environmentally responsible as a manufacturer

  • Credibility: through independent, third-party assessment against internationally applicable criteria for best practice in environmental performance

  • Trust: certification that is trusted and transparent in accordance with internationally recognised standards

  • Differentiation: ECA’s Ecolabel on your products makes it easy for customers to choose products that are environmentally preferable.

  • Risk management: third party assurance of your environmental claims helps you avoid charges of ‘greenwashing’

  • Leverage for your profile through joint promotions with responsible procurement services

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