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This page is deicated to products or services that are either unable to back their environmental claims up, or that are blatantly misleading consumers about the environmental status of their products (or greenwashing).  While we respect the rights of manufacturers and advertisers to promote their products in a free society, we also believe the rights of the consumer take prescedence and should be protected.


If your product or advert is displayed or mentioned below, and you believe our listing is unfair or untrue, we invite you to contact us with relevant documentation to support your claim.  If you can produce the information, we will gladly remove your listing and make a formal apology on the same page.  If not, why don't you start the journey towards responsibility and either change your manufacturing process or your advertising campaign.


Remember, eco-labelling is a voluntary process, and while we can't force you into labelling with our label, we are entitled to raise our concerns or opinions with the consumer - within the bounds of the law of course.





This watchlist provides a greenwash index based on the number of 'X' marks against the product.  The lower the number of marks, the more likely the product is to come close to an ecolabel standard. The more.... well you decide!



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