An Environmentally Aware Consumer


If you have selected this page, you are probably an environmentally aware consumer. You care about the products that you buy and you are committed to sourcing and selecting products that meet your personal expectations and which are less harmful to our environment.


The market is filled with consumer products and services that hardly meet the standards of environmental responsibility, and when they do, they probably come-in at a premium! However, as was the case with the 'organic' market, prices will reduce as demand for more responsible products climbs, and consumers need to be aware of their buying power in bringing-about this change.


In this section, you will be able to find manufacturers that have been certified as meeting our ecolabel standards, and their products and specifications too.  We urge you to use these products in the interests of a cleaner, greener future for all.  Although the list is still small, with your help - and pressure on manufacturers, we can grow this selection to represent a complete source of ecolabelled products. 


We also delve into the rights that you have as a consumer.  Sometimes, we forget that we have the right to products and services that are not harmful to our environment, our communities or ourselves.  Unless we are prepared to fight for that right, we cannot expect change to happen in the manufacturing world.  Read about how you can make change happen, merely by exercising your rights.


Have you heard the term 'greenwashing'?  If not, visit our Greenwash page to find out more about this pervasive advertising practice that ensures manufacturers access the environmentally aware consumer market with the least possible effort.  It's about being aware of the hype that manufacturers use to sell you their products - and knowing when you are being taken for a ride.


Being an environmentally responsible consumer is not easy, but you have made the effort.  Now get your friends, colleagues and family to do the same.  And above all, keep us informed of your experiences so that we can help make a difference in the lives of future generations.


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