About Eco-Choice Africa


Eco-Choice Africa (ECA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that manages an internationally competitive ecolabelling programme for a range of products manufactured or traded in Africa.


Our objective is to provide a source of information and guidance on environmentally responsible products and services to the manufacturing sector and consumers alike. We aim to ensure that consumers buy more responsibly, thereby ensuring a more sustainable market for the manufacturing sector.


Globally, increased demand for more responsible products drives the manufacturing sector to meet higher standards of responsible manufacturing practice, thereby ensuring a more sustainable and healthy environment for all.


Look for and demand the Eco-Choice Africa ecolabel when buying or selecting your products, and help us care for the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Why Ecolabel.?

Ecolabelling provides an independent opinion on the environmental status of products and indicates the potential impacts these may have on the health of consumers and on the environment in general.


Ecolabel standards vary from region to region, but respected labels all share the same common criteria. At Eco-Choice Africa, we have adopted existing standards from internationally recognised sources, and adapted them to meet the very specific needs of Africa without diminishing the original intent of the standard.


An Ecolabel gives your business the opportunity to position your products based on superior scientific standards, consumer recognition and environmental benefits.

Ecolabelling gives your product or service:

• Recognition for your efforts to become more environmentally responsible as a manufacturer

• Credibility: through independent, third-party assessment against internationally applicable criteria for best practice in environmental performance

• Trust: certification that is trusted and transparent in accordance with internationally recognised standards

• Differentiation: An ecolabel on your product makes it easy for customers to choose products that are environmentally preferable.

• Risk management: An ecolabel provides third party assurance of your environmental claims, helping you reduce risk and protecting your brand.

• Leverage for your profile through joint promotions with responsible procurement services.


The benefits of Ecolabelling

Ecolabelling provides peace-of-mind when selecting products or services.  With many thousands of choices facing consumers every day, manufacturers have an opportunity of positioning their products as more environmentally responsible than their competitors through the use of ecolabels.

An independent ecolabel provides assurance that the product contains no harmful aditives or components and that its use is not likely to negatively affect human health or the environment. 


It also ensures that the processes followed by the manufacturer meet an internationally recognised standard of responsibility and the label provides an indication that local communities have not been adversly affected by the processes used.


For service providers, an ecolabel indicates that the processes, products and services being provided are environmentally responsible.  Certified service providers make an effort to select only ecolabelled products and they implement procedures and systems that minimise the impact of their service on the environment, cosumers and local communities

Whether you are a manufacturer, a purchasing manager or just a concerned consumer, Ecolabelling helps you identify the functionality, overall environmental impact and human health assurance of products.


Do not be so quick to judge or label, for one day the objects of ridicule may become what they are ever so used to being seen as. And when this happens it is too late, another soul has fallen to the cruel persecution of todays society and become what they are seen as instead of who they really are. A person, just like everyone else.


– Unknown



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